3 EASY WAYS to Start as a Virtual Assistant

The transition from working from the office to working from home is not easy but this article will help you out how to overcome the psychology of maintaining the phase of ethics while surviving the changes. Correct mindset and effortless technique can solve the problem in a relative amount of time. We all know that self-management is the biggest factor in making ourselves more productive while working at home.

The route of transition from face-to-face interaction is not easy when a person is obliterated by insufficient home set up to handle the workplace in their household. Although being a Virtual Assistant is an opportunity to balance the diet and stay on a healthy lifestyle, boredom, and lack of self-restraint for time management lead to the other side.

These are 3 Easy Ways to Start as a Virtual Assistant

1 – Be Thankful

Finding a job is hard nowadays, having an online job or a job that requires physical reporting is both a blessing. Be thankful if you either have those jobs that could support your living. Option in taking a work from home job to secure your well-being and avoiding exposure from the pandemic is a plus but be thankful of what you have.

Once you start, the gratitude of having a job that serves as your bread and butter for living, research for appropriate support groups to help you in the process. Filipino Virtual Assistance Business Consultancy is one of the leading groups that could help you to propel your plans into reality. Definitely, courses are available to jumpstart your career as a virtual assistant with other specific courses that could help you to master your craft.

2 – Accept the Change

If you are in a transition and want to start having an online job, start by changing your mental attitude. A transition that requires you to quit your current job to a full-time online job is not a walk in a park but definitely accepting the change would help a lot.

Devour more articles online and practically attend courses for your own learning. This will serve also as your self-investment and would add to your personal portfolio.

Treat your current boss as your online client and serve them with full respect. Never give them an impression that you have a plan to go and now provide fewer services to them. If you are a type of employee that is overloaded by office work that requires even working at home, do your work at home part-time and have a mindset of working for your new client but start honing your skills or start writing a blog.

Remember to accept the change to survive, one source of income is not enough. This is the right time to find a second job as more companies and entrepreneurs are looking for remote workers.

Although there are disadvantages of working remotely at home for a long period, it is a change that we need to accept. A pandemic is an event that we need to realize in taking measures for us to have a better option to live.

Put your positive energy into action. You can apply productivity hacks if you are having a hard time starting a single article. Give yourself a try of even 5 minutes to start any ideas to be converted into something you can share with others. You will find out that you already spent 30 minutes finishing your first blog.

3 – Challenge Yourself to Learn

Changing your lifestyle is a challenge but learning how to do something out of your comfort zone is worth trying. Give yourself a chance by considering this as an adventure that is not physically visible like hiking or other sports but a self career-driven opportunity. Continuous studying, reading, and finding ways to develop your skills will help you to adjust easily to any changes to achieve your personal goals.

Challenge yourself to deep dive into learning how to be a profitable virtual assistant. Journal your journey and set your time target in finishing milestones.


We are in different situations but there are ways to survive. Everything is doable if we start now. The investment of time and effort will surely be profitable in the end if we have the courage to start. The easy way to start is to do it. Ask for the help of others by searching for individuals online who can help. Ed Virtual Solutions can guide you through the process.

Ed Virtual Solutions have available Services to help you put up your Virtual Assistant career. You can as well visit our Portfolio section to give you ideas of our past works.

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