6 Tips for Fashion Show Event Planning

It is not easy to organize a fashion show. You need experience and intense planning for organizing it. The designers have to show their creativity in it. Lots of efforts are needed to make a fashion show successful. Now I am going to share 6 tips for fashion show event planning.

1. Pick the appropriate venue – It is essential to choose a venue for your fashion show event. The selection of the venue depends on which kind of clothing collection you want to reveal. Choose a venue where you can use the required technology, use your experiences and display the themes of your choice. It is necessary that the selected venue matches your vision. The size, period and design of different venues are different. The venue needs to be like that where all your requirements can be met. The size of the venue is an element that is most important.

2. Your concept needs to be unique – If you think that by having a spotlight and a simple stage only you can host a successful fashion show then you are not right. Here the normal boundaries are continuously pushed by the designers. Instead of simply demonstrating the clothing at the event you have to make it much better and for that, you need to include a concept in it and along with this, it is also necessary that the show tells a story. In order to generate interest in a lot of people towards your show, you have to include some elements in it that make people curious about the show. Include all this in your concept.

3. Consider the rehearsals – The various departments that work for the event need to do smooth planning and coordinate properly so as to make the event outstanding. To give an experience of music, lighting, make-up, clothes and stage to the models, their rehearsal is very important. This will help the models walk on the ramp without any hesitation or problem.

4. Invite people that are right for your fashion event – You have to invite the right people to your event. For opportunities of promotion as well as for the press, these types of events are a perfect place. If you want to promote your event and for that, you want to build an atmosphere that is perfect for it then you need to do a number of things:

  • Display a collection that nobody has seen earlier.
  • Invite celebrities.
  • Arrange lights that are dramatic.

For putting the pictures of the catwalk and other inspiring images on social media, using a hashtag will help you a lot. If you want to promote the event then you will get a lot of help from inviting the people that are right for it. There are a lot of followers of macro-influencers and micro-influencers. So, inviting these people to the event will be a good idea. As compared to the traditional techniques, a lot of people have trust in the influencers. If you want a marketing source that is valuable then you have to pick the right influencers.

5. Consider the production – In order to give a different look to your fashion show, its production needs to be revolutionary. With the passing of time, a lot of changes in the stage sets can be seen. Today the production sets have no boundaries. Sometimes, there is a pathway near the place where the audience is sitting and the models can walk on it. At some other events of this type, circular catwalks are popular. For any show, it is very important to have proper lighting. The event will be more dramatic if you will make good use of lighting like filling a decadent space with lighting and using spotlights wherever necessary. For hosting a show that will be memorable for the guests, pick a company that is right for the production.

6. Arrange food and beverages at the show – When the fashion show will come to an end, the event will still run. You have to further entertain the guests in an afterparty so as to provide them a wonderful experience. If you want a completely immersive event then it is necessary that the journey of the guests continues and for that purpose, your concept needs to include themed catering. In order to give the attendees an experience of different types of cuisines that belong to the world’s different parts, it is ideal to use food stations that are based on the themes. Use those trends of catering in your event that are the latest so as to provide a unique experience to guests. By making dessert walls and using liquid nitrogen, the chefs can show their creativity on the food and the guests will definitely like it.

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