All You Have To Know About Beauty Products

Beauty products are comprised of mixtures of different chemical substances extracted from either natural resources or synthetic ones. Most cosmetics have different functions. These may include moisturizers, toners, creams, foundations, eye shadows, blushers and so on. However, these days many cosmetic products are being produced which are specifically made for use as aphrodisiacs. Cosmetics which are used as aphrodisiacs are mostly sold over the counter, but a few of them come with medical claims as to their efficacy as an aphrodisiac.

Cosmetics are composed of different active ingredients. Some of them are found naturally in nature, while others are manufactured synthetically. Cosmetics have different uses. Those developed for the skin and personal care application can be employed to either cleanse or hydrate the skin or even protect it against dirt and bacteria. Cosmetics intended for men and women have different purposes like making the face look younger by removing wrinkles, making one feel more energetic by promoting proper blood circulation and so on. Cosmetics which are applied for aphrodisiac purposes are generally referred to as perfumed or scented beauty products.

Cosmetics that are meant for lotions and other body wash are generally referred to as lotions, body creams and lip products. Bath and beauty products are also included among the list of formulations for the purpose of attracting and enticing people into having a bath and a shower. The list of constituents contained in the formulations for these purposes is lengthy. One important part of the composition of these formulas is the lubricant which serves to keep the products in smooth and supple state during use.

Another important part of cosmetics is the sunscreen or face or body lotion, which protects the user against the ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. Skin care products which act on the principle of softening, smoothing and lightening are called complexion products or facial care products. The term ‘mineral’ in the context of cosmetics denotes that the components in the formula are derived from the natural minerals of the earth. Most mineral formulations are water soluble and thus, they tend to be absorbed quickly in the skin, being incapable of causing any damage to the skin when used continuously.

One of the most commonly used substances in cosmetics products which act in a moisturizing capacity is the water-soluble extract of jojoba. Water is essential in order to have moisture in the skin since it can prevent the appearance of pimples. It is important to select the jojoba extract in cosmetic formulas that are reputed to have a lot of health benefits. Apart from moisturizing effect, jojoba is also known to have properties which are known to treat scars and rashes. It has been used as a face toner and acne scar remover for decades.

Essential oils are another commonly used component in cosmetics formulations. These ingredients provide nourishment to the skin while retaining the fragrance of the product. A few of the substances commonly used in beauty products which have strong aromas include eucalyptus oil, rosewood oil and lavender.

Cannabidiol, which is the main ingredient in cannabis, is another important component in many skincare products. This natural plant compound has been found to possess anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, as well as the ability to prevent the onset of age spots and certain cancers. The concentration of cannabidiol in these formulations is usually low, which ensures that the plant components do not cause adverse effects to the users’ skin. The concentrated form of cannabidiol is usually obtained from pot plants through the means of a special process.

Some of the major ingredients used in cosmetics products include parabens, sulfates, fragrances, petroleum based oils and dioxanes. Parabens are substances that can mimic the effect of estrogen on the human body. It has been found that these chemicals are present in large quantities in most facial cleansers and creams. It has been found that parabens increase the risk of developing breast cancer. Dioxane is a byproduct of petroleum and was previously found to cause cancer in animals.

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