AV America – System Design Challenges

Creating a state-of-the-art AV system design should be simple enough and result in making life better and easier for the users. Everything looks pretty simple at the start, but when you get down to the brass-tacks, what was apparently simple becomes very confusing and complicated. If you are impacted by the challenges in AV system design, you are not alone and we have collated some of the best practices adopted by industry leaders among Orlando production companies to keep your projects rewarding simple, and smooth.


A major issue that many Orlando AV service providers face is that of timing. Project managers, architects, building owners, and other major stakeholders plan out the core design before commencing work. But the AV design team is brought in much later in the process. But, getting the expertise of an Orlando production company early on into the project will be immensely helpful.

On the other hand, when the AV consultants are called in just before selecting the actual equipment, you are inviting unnecessary challenges and complexity. Often the design and architectural considerations are involved in installing AV systems and therefore getting their expertise before the groundbreaking stage will ensure optimal performance and functionality of the AV systems when installed.

Planning for the future

Another important factor is to provide for the future. Therefore, you should set aside time to discuss where you see the facility at end of an year, five years, and ten years. Where do you see your business at these time intervals? Would you be adding more space or services? How long do you expect to continue in the present premises, or would you be moving to a new premise. Even businesses that are closed to moving or innovation or navigate through changes will eventually experience some or all of the inevitable growth pangs.

Therefore anticipating the future helps in better design for the AV systems and success now and the days ahead. With technology evolving at regular intervals, you should have a strong foundation to ensure potential obsolescence. Technology will continue to evolve and there will be new ways for you to achieve the AV goals that make the best fit for you.

When you are working with an experienced Orlando production company you can learn more about systems that are likely to last several years and flexible enough to cater to new technology as and when it becomes available. This way, you will also save a significant amount of money and even many hurdles across time.

Focused on end-users

More importantly, you should plan the AV systems with the end-users in focus. When you design the space and solutions, you should also ensure that you have an eye on how employees at your facility will handle the equipment and how the end-users can benefit from it. To be truly successful, your AV design and systems should be selected to enhance the experience of all those who interact with the system. While there are many components to a perfect AV design, the best practices listed above will put you on track.

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