Basic Ways to Improve Your English Vocabulary

In the process of learning a new language, the focal point of an individual should always be on finding new ways to improve vocabulary rather than grammar. This is because words are the basic blocks of all languages. So while learning a new language, you must continuously improve your vocabulary. But many people struggle to improve their vocabulary effectively because they will receive new words into one ear and leave out on the other. So the matter is people don’t have difficulty in grasping the vocabulary, but the problem is to recall when they get an opportunity to use it. Here is the breakdown of some proven tactics to overcome this struggle and learn new words faster, recall words more effectively and remember them forever.

Keep a personal dictionary

This is one of the most efficient ways to learn new vocabulary and track your overall progress. Make a new notebook or create a memo on your phone where you can regularly update a new English vocabulary you have learned. Yes, this may resemble your school days, but this is the most effective way.

Repeat again and again

Repetition is the mother of learning new things since it is plain and simple. The human brain utilizes repetition patterns to strengthen the meaning and usage of every new thing that people learn. While repeating and recalling, you will never forget the vocabulary. This will also help you to speak English fluently.

Make each new word meaningful

Many research found that the human brain understands new verbal concepts better when they are linked to an image or another concept like video or music. This will help you to remember the language for a long period. For example, when you learn the word temperament, you may link its meaning to temperature for better understanding.


You need to improve your reading habits like newspapers, books, magazines etc. Even the reading combination with a dictionary is the best ways to come across new vocabulary. So try to read many different reading materials as possible as you can. By this reading process, you will get to know more new vocabularies.

Analyze vocabulary in context

While reading, try to find the meaning of new words without checking the dictionary. In starting, you will find difficulty in grasping the process, but as time passes, you will find it easy. Even this one of the most advanced method of mastering new vocabulary, and it is definitely worth a shot.

Make observations

When you have a specific amount of words in your vocabulary list, try to observe the world around you to find an example of their usages. Other than just knowing the meaning of the word, you need to know how vocabulary is used, and this is very important.

Make use of games and apps

There are many games and apps where you can learn more new things. This is one of the most frequent methods of learning new vocabulary and mastering new languages. There is many spoken English app where you can learn more new things.

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Wrapping up

Reading, listening, writing, and watching will highly help you to improve your English vocabulary. Follow the above-mentioned tips to improve your English vocabulary.

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