Choose the Right Fabric for Your Custom Window Curtains

There is no denying that a home is where one feels the safest and most comfortable. And it is one of the most significant investments that most people make in their lives. So, don’t you think, being a proud owner of a lovely home, it’s your responsibility to keep it in tip-top condition? You could add a wide range of things to beautify the interior of your home. However, to bring it to life, install custom curtains.

When you visit a leading online window treatments store, you may be spoilt for choice while picking up curtains. Chances are higher that you find many unique curtain styles at one such shop. It is also essential to select the suitable fabric when purchasing customized curtains online for windows and doors. Nowadays, compared to ready-made curtains, most homeowners prefer investing in custom curtains.

Read the below-mentioned part thoroughly to gain a sound understanding of the crucial factors you need to take into account when selecting the suitable fabric for your custom curtains.

Color of Walls

First and foremost, you have to consider the color of the walls of each room in your home. Invest in wide curtains with a neutral shade if there’s a dark hue on the accent wall. A neutral shade such as silver, golden, beige, and ivory ensures one the freedom and flexibility to embellish walls in an appealing way.

Opt for exquisite floral patterns to give your room a lift and make it appear more playful and inviting. On the other hand, if you intend to play all the drama occurring in your living room a bit, stick to a bold color.


At present, skilled craftsmen make custom window treatments using linen, cotton, silk, polyester, etc. Even they blend all of these materials while making customized curtains. Silk curtains are the most expensive, and polyester curtains have the lowest price.

Cotton window treatments can hold their original form and pleats for a longer time, and silk-based ones boast a polished rich appearance. Ensure you check the material even when you buy pinch pleat drapes.


You shouldn’t invest in curtains, be it for windows or doors without lining except for sheer fabric curtains. Custom room darkening curtains that have lining can last long no matter how many times you wash them. Even lining helps curtains remain in their actual shape.

Lining Type

Blackout curtains with lining can help you sleep peacefully in the morning. These don’t let harsh rays of the sun stream in through them. You could order a sample if you are unable to determine the lining type. Investing in these curtains with the best lining type can help you enjoy privacy in your rooms.

Summing Up

You can beautifully improve the look and feel of all rooms in your home when you install custom curtains made using the right type of fabric. Keep the vital things mentioned above in mind while deciding on the material for customized curtains for adorning the interior of your home sweet home.

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