Content Marking: 6 Reasons to Have a Blog

Content Marking: 6 Reasons to Have a Blog

As the owner of a small business, you already have your hands full with so many different things. It can be difficult to justify taking the time to start and maintain a blog.

However, regularly posted content that is high quality can help to increase the credibility as well as the visibility of your company to potential clients. A digital presence is one of the top ways to attract and retain new leads. Your blog may be referred to as anything, from “Articles” to “Encyclopedia” or even simply “News” – but it’s all the same: the place where your high-quality content is housed.

See our 6 reasons why your website should include a blog.

#1: Blog content is easily shareable and can improve social media interaction.

Blog content is easily shared on your social media accounts, whether you use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Original content that is curated specifically to be entertaining, valuable and of interest to your target demographic increases the chance that you will receive social shares. Moreover, content that is shared from your blog can lead clients directly from your socials to your website.

Having shareable blog content posted on social media can mean your readers may quickly becoming inadvertent marketers on their own. A single share can reach dozens, if not hundreds more people who could become potential leads.

#2: SEO-driven blogs can drive additional traffic to your website.

Did you know that websites with blogs may generate more traffic than websites without? That is because many blogs with relevant, SEO-friendly keywords and quality, fresh content are liked by the search engine algorithm, which increases your chances of being clicked. Blogs are a platform where you can insert quality content and implement SEO practices that will help you to place higher in search engine results.

This means, with minimal effort and little extra cost, you can increase your ranking on search engines, increase credibility and traffic, and forge new relationships with customers.

#3: Your website will become a resource.

If you can become a resource for your potential clients’ common inquiries and concerns, you are already on top of the industry trends. If your customers and/or potential leaders start to view your blog as a source of helpful information, they may be more inclined to do business with you over doing business with your competitors. This relationship boost can even offer you the chance to drive additional traffic to your website via social media shares, backlinking, and word-of-mouth referrals.

#4: Visitors can become potential customers.

When you generate traffic via new content, this is a new opportunity to attract a possible customer. You can increase your odds by including a call-to-action in your posts, such as a “Request a Quote” or “Shop Now” button. This link could be to a quote calculator, contact information, a shopping page, or “More Information” or “Read Our E-Book” which would like then lead to free information, like the download link to an e-book, workshop, or even a free consultation. After that point, your sales team can be on top of converting that lead to a new client.

#5: Encourage long-term results.

After writing a post on your blog, sharing it on social media and hopefully getting some additional shares by your followers, you may see a quick jump in activity. Your traffic may increase for a moment, and then trickle back down again. You probably assume that would be the end of it – but not quite.

Search engines will still continue to rank your content based on how valuable it is to your website visitors. This blog post will continue to attract visitors as long as it is a page that can still be accessed. Websites with lots of blog content will continue to drive traffic from older posts, especially if visitors are alerted to new posts and sift through your blogs for additional information and content. That is a significant return on just the small amount of time you put into writing your post.

#6: Improve relationships with your clients.

When your content is valuable, it increases your odds of your customers giving your blog more than just a standard “once-over” glance. You can encourage engagement through a variety of means, such as simply asking questions and allowing visitors to answer or opening up discussion through a comments forum. You can then read what your clients are saying and respond accordingly or cater your future content towards their needs!

Improving your relationship with clients can be done through a variety of means. You can solidify your reputation by showing proof of small business insurance, which may help to both attract and retain clients. A good relationship between you and your clients can go a long way.

Adding a blog is cost-effective, takes minimal time, and can drive some serious traffic to your website. This also adds to your credibility as a business and can improve on your existing relationships with customers. It’s a no-brainer – a blog is a win-win from every way you look at it!

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