A child’s first exposure to formal education is at school. It is a place where creativity, imagination, and meaningful learning should be nurtured, encouraged, and sparked. It should also be the one space that motivates them. Parents, on the other hand, may find it difficult to choose between a boarding school (a residential school frequently located in a different city, where the child has to live alone and study) and a regular day school (which is usually located in the same city where the parents reside).

However, it’s safe to say that all schools try to educate and prepare their pupils for success after graduation. It’s also true that each institution takes a different strategy to assist pupils in achieving their objectives. When it comes to best boarding schools vs. private day schools, there are a lot of parallels and a lot of differences. Some of the main differences have been highlighted below.

Teacher Accessibility

Both boarding schools and day schools have a reputation for academic brilliance and the capacity to prepare pupils for college. In order to create a constructive learning environment for students and teachers, both types of schools integrate technology in the classroom and encourage group work.

When it comes to teacher-student interactions, boarding institutions have a distinct advantage. Because boarding school teachers are on campus for longer than a typical school day, they are far more accessible to their students. Students have more opportunities to interact with one another, which may lead to more frequent study groups during off-hours.

Better Communication Skills and Bonding

It’s normal for a group of friends to become close in high school as a result of similar life experiences and to make plans to spend time with them outside of school. Students at boarding schools, on the other hand, live with their friends, teachers, and staff, making for an unforgettable high school experience. The friendships and the bonds that they make there stay with them for a lifetime.


Being independent and self-discipline are two skills that all students gradually learn during their high school years. Students at boarding schools are responsible for getting themselves to class, doing their own laundry, ensuring that they attend their after-school activities, and completing their assignments and projects. This may seem like a tall request for freshmen who are unfamiliar with a boarding school’s schedule, but boarding institutions have systems and procedures in place to assist incoming students in adjusting to the rigours of living independently. 

Vedas International School was founded with the intention of foreshadowing a shift in the educational system. The school is dedicated to providing the best environment and platform for students to expand their knowledge. They strive for a holistic approach to education by giving non-academic studies equal weight. It is one of the best boarding schools in the Delhi NCR region. 

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