Does stevia cause weight gain?

Is it possible for stevia to make you gain weight? For people considering a sugar-free diet, this is a natural question to ask.

Sugar’s harmful effects on health and its ability to contribute to rapid weight gain are well known. Two cups of tea, each with one teaspoon of sugar, can add 70 calories to your daily calorie intake. As a result, folks who want to lose weight quickly should switch to low-calorie sweeteners.

Due to its rising popularity in recent years, stevia is one of the most widely used sugar substitutes. However, it is linked to a number of urban legends.

It is, after all, a matter of your health. As a result, in this post, we’ll talk at stevia in depth and how it relates to weight reduction.

Does Stevia Help You Lose Weight?

Stevia is a great sugar substitute for diabetics. The Glycemic Index of this non-nutritive sweetener is 0. (GI). As a result, it adds no extra carbohydrate to your food, whereas normal sugar has a GI of 65.

Stevia stimulates insulin secretion in addition to lowering daily calorie intake. Steviol activates the calcium channel in pancreatic beta cells, causing insulin production to increase in response to blood glucose levels. As a result, it drastically lowers blood sugar levels and is recommended for type 2 diabetes management.

Although stevia lowers blood glucose levels, you may not notice the effects as rapidly as you would want. Because red blood cells have a lifespan of 120 days, it will take at least two months to notice a substantial effect.

Stevia also acts as an appetite suppressor. If drunk before lunch, stevia beverages aid with appetite control, according to study done at the University of Manchester.

Obese persons are frequently seen to feel hungry even after eating. It occurs as a result of a synchronization problem between the hypothalamus and the stomach. The hypothalamus is an endocrine organ that releases hormones that signify hunger. However, the gland may continue to secrete hormones long after the stomach is full. It leads to overeating and an increase in calorie and fat consumption.

Before lunch or supper, drink beverages containing this non-toxic herb, such as tea, coffee, or juice. This will assist to lessen the synchronization problem. When the stomach is full, this healthy sugar substitute helps to cut off the flow of hormones. To get the most out of your stevia beverage, drink it half an hour before you eat.

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