How Internet Booking Engine offered by ClarityTTS benefits Online travel agency

The Online Travel Agency solution from ClarityTTS enables online travel agencies to bundle and sell their vacations. They may combine flights, hotels, excursions, and transfers from anywhere in the world and sell them as set or customised packages using our system.

ClarityTTS offers booking engines for individual products along with access to global inventory from multiple suppliers via XML API. It also provides outbound Online Travel Agencies with online booking portals alongside multiple payment options.

Dealing with abroad agents and suppliers is one of the key challenges that outbound Online Travel Agencies face. Because of the global nature of the industry, Online Travel Agencies must work with agents and suppliers from all over the world. These organisations rely on a variety of old systems, which are often incompatible. They may also speak languages that the Online Travel Agency does not understand, making communication difficult.

Let’s take a look at a real-life example. You run a South African-based online travel agency. You have a US-based corporate client who wants to send a five-person sales team to China. So your duty is to ensure that your client is delighted by efficiently communicating and coordinating with different suppliers in China. This procedure would include numerous phone calls and email confirmations across continents and time zones, which would consume a significant amount of time and resources. It’s possible that you’ll need to hire translators. Does this ring a bell? This strategy, which many Online Travel Agencies still use, only results in one thing: inefficiency.

Using ClarityTTS’s Online Travel Agency Software, Online Travel Agencies can function at a much greater speed and cost-efficiency. Your agents, suppliers and your customers will be on a single platform and be able to talk to each other through our system. Our system is multilingual, improving communication to a great extent.

Allow your agents to make reservations on your behalf using ClarityTTS’ software. You can add your packages with net prices, as well as business rules such as commissions, mark-ups, margins, payment and cancellation policies, and so on, into the system.

ClarityTTS also allows third-party systems, such as payment gateways, accounting systems, CRM systems, loyalty programmes, legacy systems, and other business applications, to be integrated, making it simple to communicate with agents and suppliers all over the world.

ClarityTTS’s Online Travel Agency software is tailored to fit the needs of all types and sizes of online travel agencies. Whether you provide FIT, Group Tours, or MICE, our system will be a perfect match. There are no constraints on the number of bookings, travellers, agents, or suppliers, and there are no restrictions on the number of bookings, travellers, agents, or suppliers.

Using an XML API, ClarityTTS can connect numerous flight, hotel, and automobile vendors into the system. ClarityTTS connects Online Travel Agencies to all major suppliers, GDSs, and consolidators throughout the world, giving them access to a big pool of inventory to develop unique and personalised packages for their customers.

ClarityTTS’s Online Travel Agency Software allows consumers to browse for and book trips from the convenience of their own homes, without sacrificing personalised attention.

Online Travel Agencies can use ClarityTTS powerful back-office and accounting solutions to manage their agents, clients, and bookings. It also provides complete financial reports such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, and reconciliation to help Online Travel Agencies maintain track of their bookings, revenues, and costs, as well as statistics on all of their agents’ performance.

Considering the price points, investing upon an internet booking engine could be a pain in the neck for you. What if you could avail a cutting-edge solution for this?

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