How Is Getting Transparent Teeth Braces In Mumbai More Than Just Getting Straight Teeth?

This is a tale as old as time, or at least as old as the cliche that was given life along with it. Along with all the developments that have taken place in your body, there are times when there are still a few things left out of order, the likes of which leave people either feeling embarrassed or in pain. There go the alarms in the distance, it’s time to visit your dentist! Yes, we’re talking about your teeth, and what they need to help get better. In this instance, the only thing that can truly provide you with the assistance your smiles require is dental braces. 

How does one tell that they might or might not need braces? Most people are able to confirm with their dentists. However, there are definitely a few telltale signs to help you confirm your suspicions. Some of them include:

  • You find trouble every time you try to bite all the way down, i.e. either your teeth bite down the sides of your mouth or it hits the roof of your mouth. 
  • Losing your baby teeth relatively early, for which your adult teeth take time to grow in.
  • You experience either crowding or diastema, i.e. gaps between your teeth, making you feel uncomfortable every time you smile.
  • You feel your teeth either shifting or you can hear clicking every time you open or close your mouth.
  • You feel pain or discomfort every time you try to chew your food.

No matter how the trouble arises, addressing it with good orthodontic care from an experienced dental professional is the first step to follow. Here, dental braces are the best way to dealing with those issues, straightening your teeth and making sure they work in your favour while improving their look. Essentially, they work by putting pressure on your teeth, slowly moving them in the right direction. Once the pressure sets in and takes effect, the bone in your jaw will automatically adjust for the teeth and their roots to move, guiding them into a new and proper position. Braces also help in the long-term health of your gums and teeth by spreading the biting pressure across your teeth evenly, allowing you to chew more comfortably. On a usual basis, the best time to get dental braces is mostly during childhood. However, recent years have shown that adults are referring to orthodontic treatment as well, proving that healthy teeth and gums are not restricted by age limitations.  

Traditional braces were usually made out of metal, gaining their reputation for being uncomfortable and unsightly at the same time. However, thanks to modern science and the technological advances made in the dental industry, generous strides have been made in the way braces look and feel today. Now, transparent braces are the preferred choice for kids and adults alike. Made from advanced technology with clear plastic called aligners, they cover the entire teeth and go largely unnoticeable during social interactions. Here are a few reasons why transparent braces are the best alternative to opt for:

  • Comfort like never before

Turn back time to the days when conventional metal braces were all the rage. Most people who had the chance to experience them would generally give you their opinion through rose coloured glasses. Don’t fall into that trap, the combination of metal, wires and elastics is not always a good fit for your first set of braces. Discomfort in the form of minor cuts, minimal pain and abrasions are common with metal braces, a factor you won’t even notice with transparent braces to the point that you’ll forget you’re even wearing them. 

  • Your dental hygiene stays a top priority as usual

Just try and picture it for yourself; with all the complications that come with metals and wires, cleaning your teeth turns into a hassle, an unavoidable hassle that accompanies every set of metal braces. With the arrival of transparent braces, this hassle has become an issue for times gone by, allowing you to remove them for your oral care routine. This also helps you reduce the risk of contracting gum disease and tooth decay, the likes of which will only add to your final bill. 

  • A removable alternative at your convenience

Remember those days when traditional braces had to be bonded to your teeth permanently for them to do their job well, hence requiring the necessity to keep away from certain foods that could get stuck in all kinds of odd places? Now, you don’t even have to. With the option to remove your transparent braces during meal times, there is no need to follow a self-imposed diet of avoiding certain foods just for the sake of keeping your braces clean and functional. 

  • Crafted to be easy on the eye

Now, depending on how loyal you are to the old-school aesthetics, you can choose to go with a set of metal braces that may or may not come in the way of your natural smile. However, with transparent braces, this conundrum is eliminated completely, owing to the fact that their clean design fits naturally upon the wearer. This makes a huge difference to the entire process, enabling you to share a smile in full confidence while your teeth straighten out in their own due time. 

On top of all these benefits, it is important to consider that while metal braces are a relic of the past, transparent teeth braces in Mumbai do bear a slightly higher cost as compared to their traditional counterparts. It is also imperative to consider that no two individual’s tooth movements are exactly the same, so consulting with your dentist to figure out how to make them work for you is your best bet.

Should you choose to opt for braces, know that the treatment may last as long as a few months to a year or two, depending on the nature of the treatment. If you’re looking for the best results possible at the end of the cycle, don’t forget to make regular appointments with your dentist for checkups and adjustments where necessary. 

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