How to Find the Best Article Submission Sites for SEO

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SEO can be very helpful in bringing in organic traffic and increasing your site’s visibility, but it can also be time-consuming and expensive if you don’t do it correctly. One way to save money and time is by submitting articles to article submission sites. But where should you submit them, and how do you know which ones are best? In this article, we’ll give you some tips to help you find the best article submission sites for SEO.

1) LinkedIn

One of my favorite places to submit content is LinkedIn, which will accept long-form pieces (up to 6,000 words). The site has less stringent quality control than some others (and it’s much easier to get published on LinkedIn than it is on other platforms), but it still has a lot of value. If you have an opportunity for your work to be featured in a prominent space—LinkedIn Pulse, for example—I highly recommend taking advantage of that exposure. As far as seo goes, it’s one of my top recommendations because so many professionals are active on LinkedIn. Sharing articles there can help build your network and position you as an authority in your field.

2) StumbleUpon

When it comes to article submission sites, there are few better than StumbleUpon. Over 30 million unique visitors come to StumbleUpon every month, and you can submit articles that will be seen by millions of people (if they like your article). With its high engagement rate (there’s a reason it’s called StumbleUpon), it should be one of your go-to destinations when looking at content marketing. Just make sure you don’t write anything boring! Have fun with your content and see how far it goes. If you write something great, there’s a chance it will be read by millions around the world. With just over 5 billion pages viewed every month, you’re certain to reach some highly engaged audiences through SU.

3) Yahoo Answers

With almost 5 million questions submitted per month, Yahoo Answers is a great place to post your content. Make sure that you post your piece of content on more than one question. Most Yahoo Answers users only vote once or twice, so by posting on multiple questions with your link in each you will increase your chances of driving traffic back to your site. The more quality answers you provide, the more likely you are going to have people come back and click on an article you have written for them. Just be careful not to go overboard – avoid being a lurker and interacting with other members too much – as a lot of communities frown upon it and may flag all of your posts as spam if they see that it’s just self-promotion.

4) Other Article Submission Sites

There are thousands of article submission sites online, so it’s not easy to narrow down a list of just a few favorites. However, there are a few well-known and reputable article submission sites that almost everyone in search marketing will be able to tell you about. These include: EHow : This site boasts over 20 million monthly visitors and is a great place to get your content distributed quickly. You can even set up an account with EHow that allows you to monitor your submissions and gives you access to stats.

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