Moringa Powder: 15 Health Benefits That You Should Know

Moringa is a tree native to nature and found in the foothill Himalayan Mountain. Its found in northern India. It is also known as Ben tree, drumstick tree, horseradish tree, vegetable tree, and also called never die tree. There are thirteen verities of this tree present but one is Moringaoleifera is commonly used. Nowadays it’s cultivated throughout the world but in beginning, it’s grown in South America and Africa. It’s also called super food to this planet. In India, their drumstick is used in curries and added to the Sāmbhar curry. Moringa powder is also consumed as a powder. Fresh leaves of this tree are dried and then grounded as crushed powder.

15 Health benefits of Moringa powder: moringa leaves do have not any side effects. Their leaves are used in many cuisines in India. Add to the juices and also consumed as the stir-fried vegetable.

  1. It’s a good source of mineral and vitamin: Moringa leaves is rich in vitamins A, B1, C, B2(riboflavin), B6, B3(niacin) and foliate. This leaves powder contains magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and zinc, etc.
  2. Moringa powder is rich in amino acids: moringa leaves have amino acid nutrients and act as building blocks of protein. Eighteen types of amino acids are present in the moringa leaves it gives a great contribution to the health of the human being.

It is fought with the inflammation:

  1. Inflammation is how a body response to pain and injury. Due to the presence of isothiocyanates moringa leaves are anti-inflammatory. inflammation is can be a root cause of many diseases like cancer, arthritis, and autoimmune disease. When we face any injury and infection body will increase the inflammation. Due to wrong lifestyle and unhealthy diet affect the body fighting against trauma. Inflammation is going to be long term then its cause’s chronic health issues. If you will eat moringa leaves then it reduces the inflammation.
  2. Moringa leaves low blood sugar level: if high blood sugar level in body causes diabetes. Its higher level increases the heart problem and organ damage in the body. Moringa leaves stabilize the blood sugar level due to the presence of isothiocyanates.
  3. Antioxidant in nature: moringa leaves have anti-oxidative properties which protect against the free radical presence in the environment.
  4. Lower the cholesterol level: if higher the cholesterol then suffers from heart disease but moringa leaves help to improve against the cholesterol level.
  5. Provide shield to the liver: moringa leaves are helpful in the repair of the liver cells. Leaves have a higher concentration of the polyphone that provide a shield for liver oxidative damage.
  6. Arsenic toxicity: arsenic contamination is a common problem in many countries. Moringa leaves have 46 types of antioxidants.
  7. Helpful in stomach health: it is helpful for the digestive health of the stomach. If you are suffering from constipation, bloating, gas and acidity then moringa leaves are helpful to solve your stomach problems.
  8. Bone health improves: due to the presence of calcium it helps to improve bone health and teeth health moringa leaves is anti-inflammatory so it is useful for heal the bone easily.
  9. Antiseptic for bacterial infection: moringa leaves are antiseptic and provide a shield to protect against any bacterial infection. Clotting time is reduced by moringa leaves.
  10. Helpful in body weight management: fat burn by moringa leaves is helpful for the consumer. they help to boost up the stamina and metabolism of the body. Craving for food reduced by moringa leave consumption.
  11. It is good for skin and hair: it is a full antioxidant and nutrient, moringa leaves help to improve the health of hair and skin. Suppleness to the skin and provide shine to the hairs. Fine lines and wrinkles of the skin due to antioxidant properties. A paste of moringa leaves is applied to the scalp of hair and reduces the dandruff of hairs. It provides health to the lifeless hairs.
  12. Improves the nervous system: it provides health to the nervous system. It improves brain health. if you have suffered from a migraine then eat moringa leaves daily.
  13. Detoxification:it’s a natural cleanser and helps to detoxify the system. It keeps the body in balance.

 Conclusion: moringa leaves are very powerful in nutritional value and anti-inflammatory in nature. These properties made it a superfood.

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