Orthopedic Surgery in India-Orthopedic Hospital Kolkata

The quality of medical treatment provided in orthopedic hospitals is world renowned. Patients from all over the world, seek India for its incredible orthopedic care. No matter how serious the ailment is orthopedic treatment in India makes it a simple, painless procedure. The staff at renowned orthopedic hospitals is extremely knowledgeable on various orthopedic ailments and their treatment. Specializing in joint replacements, hip replacements, tendon transfers, spinal disc replacements, surgical oncology, orthopedic laparoscopic surgery, ENT treatment, spinal cord injuries, and many other major orthopedic issues, Indian hospitals and clinics are equipped to handle the situations most often involving complex orthopedic surgeries.

Hip replacements, hip resurfacing, facial plastic surgery, knee replacements, spine surgery, orthopedic trauma treatment, and many other major clinical conditions, are performed in state of the art orthopedic hospitals and clinics in India. Received the India Accreditation of Health Service (IHHS) in August 2005. The IHHS is an independent, national accrediting body for health care systems that promote patient safety, quality, and patient engagement in health care delivery.

Orthopedic surgeries like knee surgeries, spinal surgeries, and orthopedic trauma treatments like spinal cord lesions, fractures, dislocations, and nerve injuries are performed in state of the art infrastructure at state of the art hospitals in India.

The finest orthopedic surgeons in India are trained in TMJ problems. Any orthopedic surgeon who decides to work in India has to receive highly successful training. The orthopedic surgeon gets a thorough examination, which leads to a customized treatment plan, which enhances the success rate of the treatment. The surgeries are performed in state of the art hospitals and clinics. The staff also participates in the training session, so that they too are thoroughly trained regarding the techniques.

The various orthopedic surgeons in India are highly qualified. They are well versed with the latest techniques of joint replacements. They are specialized in certain joint replacements. Live orthopedic treatment centers in India, provide you with all the facilities for surgical treatment, wherefrom the cost of treatment is also much lower than the ones available in the US and other western countries. You can also get customized treatment, as per your convenience. In India, you can also have a noninvasive treatment, where your hip implant spare parts can be fitted inside your hip socket with maximum flexibility, maximum mobility. Hip resurfacing also increases the success rate of hip replacement.

Medical tourism in India offers you significant benefits. The facilities available give you the opportunity to avail the treatment to a foreign patient at a reasonable cost. You can also visit India as any other destination for medical treatments. Thus, India becomes the best medical tourism destination.

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