Spouse Visa UK : Updated Rules & Requirements 2021

Also known as marriage visa UK, Spouse Visa allows you to issue a Dependent Visa for your legal partner for up to 30 months. Spouse Visa allows you to have Dependents in the UK. If you are a Visa Holder or looking for a Student Visa or Work Visa, here are the details to issue your Spouse a Dependent Visa to live along with you in the UK.

Spouse Visa is issued based on certain rules and requirements which can be useful to know before applying for one.

Rules for Dependent Visa

Dependent Visa in the UK is under the “Family Visa” category.  Here is the list of latest rules that are currently applicable:

  • Spouse can be issued a visa if you have a Student Visa to study in the UK.
  • If you have a Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent Visa) or Tier 2 (Skilled Workers Visa) in the UK, the Spouse can be issued a Visa.
  • In addition, Students in UK looking to acquire a Post Work Permit(PWS) in the UK after completing their studies can only issue Visa for the spouse until the duration of their Student Visa which is usually the months required to complete the course. However, this Visa can be extended for the duration of the PWS.
  • Visa Holders cannot issue a Dependent Visa if they have already applied for a Post Work Permit after the duration of their Student Visa.

What documents are required when applying for Spouse Visa?

If you are looking to issue a Spouse Visa, there are various requirements to be fulfilled for the Visa to be issued.

These include:

  • Your Visa details
  • Biometric Data
  • Details of your sponsor

Alongside this, the issue of Visa requires the following eligibility criteria to be fulfilled:

  1. You and your spouse must be 18 years or older
  2. Must be legally married and intend to live together.
  3. Satisfy English requirements
  4. Have adequate accommodation for you and your spouse.

Some Mandatory Documents are required to process Spouse Visa in UK, these include:

  • Proof of relationship, that is, a marriage certificate or proof of civil partnership.
  • Bank Statement, should have at least 7-8 lakhs in the designated bank account for minimum 28 days.
  • Bank letter.
  • Passport

What Financial Requirements do I need to fulfill for Spouse Visa?

Spouse Visa for the UK is issued if the Visa Holder in the UK can provide £680 in Living costs each month for each Dependent during the period of the Visa, for 9 months it equates to around £6,120 for the complete duration of the Visa.

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