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Many patients expect to receive hot packs, ultrasonography, and instructions on how to execute a set of exercises at their initial physical therapy consultation. In many cases, these methods are necessary, and most therapists feel that exercise is necessary to help repair muscular imbalances. However, many therapists are now approaching function restoration from a different angle. These therapists are concerned about why a muscle isn’t working properly, and they see back exercise as an addition to manual treatment by a manual therapy expert in Bangalore rather than the primary means of recuperation. Instead of directly manipulating the piriformis muscle using training, they may restore correct sacroiliac or lumbar joint function to treat piriformis syndrome.

Manual physical therapy is a type of physical treatment by a manual therapy expert that is delivered with the hands rather than a machine or equipment. Manual therapy involves applying pressure to muscle tissue and manipulating joints to relieve back pain caused by muscle spasms, muscle tension, and joint dysfunction.

Manual physical therapy is less well-known for treating back pain.

While all physical therapists have the option of incorporating manual therapy into their practices, many do not invest the time or resources necessary to become proficient in this area. Patients should be informed that it is a lesser-known physical therapy practice among doctors and may not be prescribed as frequently. Furthermore, because many of the conditions that manual therapists address with manual therapy are not proved through imaging or lab tests but rather through motion assessment and treatment, insurance company reimbursement may be limited.

While patients may be referred to a physical therapist by their primary care physician, an orthopaedic surgeon, or another doctor involved in their back care, most states have direct access laws that allow patients to seek help for low back pain from a licensed physical therapist without first obtaining a written referral.

Acute and chronic back pain can both benefit from manual physical therapy.

In some musculoskeletal issues, manual therapy can help treat joints that lack proper mobility and range of motion. This constraint can result in pain, discomfort, and changes in function, posture, and mobility.

Manual physical therapy involves restoring mobility to stiff joints and lowering muscular tension to allow the patient to move more naturally and painlessly. Patients with chronic back pain, including joint disorders, such as sacroiliac joint dysfunction, and acute back pain resulting from soft tissue injuries, such as a back muscle strain or a strained back ligament, may benefit from manual physical therapy. Although significant clinical trials on all aspects of manual therapy have yet to be completed, limited clinical data and patient reports support the claim that manual physical therapy can be helpful in the treatment of back pain in some people.

Manual physical therapy procedures are designed to relax stiff back muscles and restricted joints, reduce back pain, and increase flexibility. The following types of movement are commonly used in manual physical therapy techniques:

  • Massage is a type of soft tissue work that provides pressure to the body’s soft tissues, such as the muscles. This pressure can relieve pain in the soft tissues by relaxing muscles, increasing circulation, breaking up scar tissue, and breaking up scar tissue.
  • Mobilization/manipulation is the twisting, pulling, or pushing of bones and joints into position with measured movements of varied speed (slow to fast), force (soft to powerful), and lengths (called ‘amplitude’). This can aid in loosening tight tissues around a joint, reducing discomfort in the joint and surrounding tissue, and improving flexibility and alignment.

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