Top 6 Chat SDKs And Messaging APIs For Mobile Apps & Websites!

Having an advanced application and website with numerous features is one of the attractive elements in bringing the customers. The most common way to make an application in that position is to develop the program from scratch, research, and development on future needs makes an application or a company as strong.

However, it is not easy for all to develop a language or an application from the beginning. APIs and SDKs have gained popularity and become an alternative for many websites and applications to communicate internally and add features into their applications for pleasing existing customers and catching new ones.

If you are a mobile developer, you might hear and be quite aware of APIs and SDKs that have been part of the web and mobile design and development. While developing or integrating features in an application or website, APIs are also part of SDKs that are necessary for internal communications and as well as for adding new features.

SDKs are a collection of tools, codes, languages, and protocols that enable the developers to add a feature to the application. Generally, chat SDK is, particularly for the chat process. Tools integration into apps or websites that has no such features before for customer chat communications. Chat SDK can be used for either internal or external communication for enhancing the user experience.

The core purpose of these Chat API and SDKs inclusion is to bring real-time conversation and enhance the business by effective real-time chats. Here we look at a few top tools that have been available and are providing Chat API or messaging API and other SDKs for mobile apps and websites to scale the business.

Azure Communication Services

Azure communication service assists the developers in building a strong communication platform like Microsoft Teams. IT giant Microsoft is a parent company for Azure communication services. It provides powerful communication APIs, video API, Chat API, and SDKs for real-time communication. The application is deployable across any device, platform, and languages such as iOS, Android, Web, NET, and Javascript. Azure assists companies to reach customers anywhere in the world and allows the developers to integrate it on mobile applications and websites with the best security standards.

Troop Messenger for future Collaboration & Communication

Troop Messenger is a collaboration and communication platform, that enables the user to participate in the real-time conversation via texting, video/audio call, screen sharing, file share, share location, and other channels. Troop Messenger is a powerful tool among messaging apps with various deployments such as SaaS and On-premise Software. It supports various platforms such as iOS, Windows, Linux, and web browsers and works in various kinds of networks.

With its powerful features, the application is also available as SDKs and APIs for websites and mobile applications. Troop Messenger assists the user to reach customers across the world where the networks allow, via meetings, video conferences, texting. The application has been used in various domains such as industries, business solutions, eCommerce websites, hospitals, government, and other organizations with uncompromised security standards.


Stream is a leading chat APIs and SDKs provider for several organizations across the business world. The application is one of the best in-app chat solution for 24*7 business organizations.

With high scalability and good performance, the company gained many customers. Its SDKs allow developers to build their Slack, Telegram, or other real-time chat applications for better business. Customers can choose any SDKs or APIs based on the need and requirement. These tools are developers friendly.

MirrorFly for advanced Real-Time Conversation With Chat API & SDKs

MirrorFly is an excellent application to integrate into your website or mobile application, it shows a single solution for your company to reach the customers, with amazing features.

MirrorFly’s APIs and SDKs are 100% customizable either in on-premise or cloud hosting, supports various platforms and networks with whiteboard solutions for chat, and enriched designed UI/UX. The application allows one-one, group conversation in various channels with an encrypted security system.


PubNub is one solution for many communication needs, it enables real-time chat solution business solutions. This SaaS-based company also provides APIs and SDKs for mobile applications and websites. It is one of the in-app chat solutions for customer service-based companies. Its features can be used in various domains such as gaming, e-learning, telemedicine, IT DevOps, and other areas.


Vonage is a cloud-based tool with unified communication solutions. It aids companies in building their platforms into more flexible, intelligent, and personal ways to reach customers. The company has unified contact centers, communication APIs to make the conversation more advanced. The application can be placed in various industries, eCommerce websites, and mobile applications.

Choosing the best among these popular apps is not tough after going through it all, however, the best always relies on your needs, budget, and other future requirements.

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