What is Hard Disk? – Features, Types and Function in your Computer.

In this Blog I am Explaining you, What is Hard Disk, Features, Types and Work in your Computer. In another word hard disk is also a “Hard Disk Drive(HDD)”. For Example, we keep all our important things in a box, in the same way hard disk keeps important data and information of our computer.

What is Hard Disk?

There are two type’s of storage devices in our computer which we use to store and process the data of our computer such as Documents, Images, Videos, Software, Operating Systems, Programs. Hard Disk is like our brain, we also have a lot of data saved in our brain. Hard disk is made of Magnetic Material which is uses “Magnetic Recording Techniques” to store data in one place.

Magnetic Recording Techniques :

It is type of Magnetic Disk, used to store information in a computer as secondary device storage. Magnetic recording technology is the oldest technology yet with a capacity of up to 4 TB.

Types Of Hard Disk in Our Computer?

  • SCSI
  • PATA
  • SATA
  • SSD


It is discovered in 1979. It is Stand for Small “Computer System Interface (SCSI)”. We currently use in small computer systems. It is similar to IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics). This type of Hard Disk uses small computer system interface to connect to the computer. That’s why we can use for more speed. It gives a speed of 650 Mbps to transfer any data.


It is discovered by Western Digital Company in 1986. PATA Stand for “Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment (PATA)”. PATA connected to 2 drives at a time such, as Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and optical drive. It is know as IDE. This 40 pin and it can transfer 8 bit data in a single second.


It was discovered in 2001 which is completely replaced the PATA. SATA is stand for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA). In this Hard Disk, cable was very thin and flexible. In the present time, you will get to see this type of hard disk in computer or laptop.


It is Stand for Solid State Drive (SSD). In today’s time, this hard disk transfers data at the highest speed. Because there are no moving parts in the drive, it is faster than hard Disk Drive. SSD This drive has a micro chip and it acts like a memory card.

Features of Hard Disk.

Platter :

The full name of the Platter is Magnetic Platter. It is important part of the Hard Disk. It is used to store digital data. The data is saved in binary format in this method.

Motor :

It stays in the middle of the Platter. With its help the platter rotates.


With the help of Actuator Read & Write rotates.

Read & Write head :

The Read Write Head is a tiny magnet in front of the Read Write Arm. It slides from right to left across the platter, recording and storing the information.

Read & Write Arm :

The back of the read head is coupled to the front of the write head.

Circuit Board :

The circuit board is in charge of regulating the impact of data from the platter.

Logic Board :

A logic board is a type of chip that protects all data input and output from an HDD.

Connector :

Reads and writes data from the circuit board and sends it to the platter.


Parking is available at the HSA Read Write Arm.

Function of Hard Disk.

It is designed to store our Personal Data such as Files, Images, Operating System, etc. We know this by Permanent Storage. We can store a lot of data in our hard disk, but it depends on the storage of Hard Disk. Today, you can buy hard disk with storage capacities ranging from gigabytes to terabytes.


In this article, you must have come to know that what is this hard disk, its features and functions. I will keep bringing such interesting topics for you, which you will read and increase your knowledge. I just say that you guys you can know small and big things. If you also want to know about the topic and I have not covered that topic, then comment below and tell me so that I can tell it to you. Thank you, Regard’s geekykrsna.com

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