What to Expect When You Have a Root Canal Treatment in Mumbai?

The first thing you must know about root canal treatment in Mumbai is that there’s nothing to be scared of. It is a common and simple procedure that works directly on the affected area in your mouth and provides long-lasting relief without invading your mouth too much. And as you prepare yourself for getting root canal treatment in Andheri, Juhu, Bandra or elsewhere in Mumbai, here’s everything you can expect during and after the procedure.

During the Root Canal Treatment Procedure

Process in a Nutshell

Whether you get root canal treatment in Bandra, Juhu, Andheri or anywhere in Mumbai, almost all dentists follow a typical process for the therapy. The basic root canal treatment in Mumbai is divided into four major steps and an optional fifth one. Here’s what the process looks like:

  1. Sedation – The dentist or endodontist gives local anaesthesia to numb your mouth for the procedure. Since you may already be in pain as a result of the toothache, this step is crucial. After that, they may sedate you for relaxation and calmness.
  2. Drilling – Using special drilling equipment, a hole is drilled in the enamel of the tooth. This hole serves as the access point to the inside parts of your tooth.
  3. Cleaning – The insides of your tooth are then cleaned out. This process does not only remove the infection and bacteria from your tooth but also the pulp chamber, which houses hurting nerves and blood vessels. The dentist will thoroughly disinfect and rinse the inside of your tooth. If necessary, they may place medication inside your tooth to kill off the infection and have you return for another appointment to complete the treatment.
  4. Filling – The hole is then sealed to prevent re-entry of bacteria. Most commonly, a dental filling made of gutta-percha, gold or silver is used. 
  5. Crown fitting – In some cases, especially when the tooth is broken or doesn’t have enough dental structure, a crown or tooth dental cap is placed over the tooth to hold everything in place. This step helps in restoring the tooth for a few more years.

Length of the Process

How long a root canal procedure takes depends on the treatment option you choose. For standard root canal treatment, you can expect one or two appointments. Each of these appointments can take anywhere from 90 minutes to 3 hours. If a tooth dental cap is suggested to you, you may require an additional appointment to have the crown made and placed. Generally, the entire process takes place within 15 days.

Preparations Required From Your Side

Sleep well before the treatment as you may not be able to sleep well due to the discomfort. Eat well before the procedure as you won’t be able to consume anything for a couple of hours after the treatment. You shouldn’t eat immediately after the procedure as your mouth may still be numb, which makes you prone to biting yourself. Avoid alcohol and tobacco for a full 24 hours before the procedure as the local anaesthesia may have a negative effect on these. Apart from these, be worry-free and relaxed. The treatment is a simple one and you don’t have to get nervous about it at all. 

After the Root Canal Procedure

Typical Recovery Time

The recovery time depends from person to person. Ideally, people recover fully from root canal treatment in 7-12 days. The pain and swelling generally subside within the first 4-5 days if you had a simple root canal treatment. If you had a longer and more intense treatment, the duration can increase by a week. 

Usual After-effects

Although nothing to be worried about, a root canal treatment in Mumbai is still an intensive procedure. It is common to experience a little discomfort for the first week after the treatment. Swelling in the gums and cheek around the treated tooth is common after the treatment. However, the swelling should go away a little every day. Sensitivity is also expected post-procedure. You might get an itchy sensation in the treated area and that’s natural. But you shouldn’t even touch the area with fingers or tongue to aid recovery.

Diet Guidelines

Consume foods and drinks at room temperature for the first two days. Cold or hot food and drinks can irritate the newly-treated area. For the first week, you must only consume soft foods and fluids. Hard and crunchy food will only apply pressure on the treated tooth and delay the healing process. And there are very high chances of sticky food remaining in the crevices around the treated tooth and leading to bacteria buildup. So avoid sticky and greasy foods as well. And when consuming fluids, don’t use a straw assuming that doing so will reduce discomfort and sensitivity. The sucking process actually applies more pressure to the area and delays the healing process. Lastly, avoid sugary and acidic drinks to prevent any bacteria buildup and irritation.

Additional Tips for Speedy Recovery

Firstly, don’t give up on your oral hygiene regimen, just be gentle. Bacteria and plaque buildup should be prevented at all costs during the first 2-3 weeks (and even eventually). You should refrain from using a mouthwash as the swishes may hurt the treated area. Sleeping with your head elevated helps in reducing the swelling and speeds up the recovery process. Apply a cold compress or ice pack to your face, but be careful not to put ice directly onto your skin. We recommend this for 15 minutes at a time on the day you have a root canal. Heat packs should be avoided as heat will open up nerve endings and hinder the recovery process. Any over-the-counter medicines and painkillers should be avoided. Talk to the dentist and only take medicines they prescribe.

Major No-Nos

When you get the best root canal treatment in Mumbai, your dentist will give you a list of dos and don’ts. The first thing on the list is to not brush or floss for a couple of days, then start with gentle brushing. Prevent plaque from forming on your newly-repaired tooth. The biggest no-no after getting the treatment is grinding or clenching teeth for at least 7-10 days after the treatment. You surely don’t want your tooth dental cap to come off or the affected area to become even more painful than it was before the treatment. Don’t exercise or even go for a jog. 

Lastly, don’t skip any appointments with your dentist. Follow-up appointments after root canal treatment in Mumbai are the best way for your doctor to keep track of your tooth and check for any complications.

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