Why should we consider having a child care management system?

Overview: Ticks and Tots management system was created by keeping the child care centers in mind. Paper work requirements have increased for both monitoring and control. Since Paper work is the main cause. We have developed a new method for making parent-child communication easier with our pre-school & child care management app.

The child care management system is all about helping the child care center to provide professional care taking and proper studies to them. It’s all about managing the day-to-day tasks efficiently to avoid more time for both children and parents. We have the feature of online tuition payment within the application and automated reminders, history of last transactions made.

 Features Of Ticks and Tots

  • Comprehensive details of your child at your fingertips
  • Medical records, allergy information
  • Easy communication with staff
  • Supports pictures, videos of the child
  • A Pre-school daycare app for engaging parents
  • Enables adding of events to the class calendar
  • Automated alerts, push notifications

Parent’s expectations have increased over the years. One person cannot provide customer service to the child anymore. Parents expect professional service from pre-school management software that takes care of their children. Child Care Centers have to furnish themselves with the right technology that helps them manage their services professionally in a good way.

Benefits of Child Care Management Software

Pre-school facilities can realize many benefits as a result of it the following are as follows

Less administrative work. Generally, staff in a preschool facility handles both administrative and physical child care cubby duties. This childcare billing software automates administrative tasks, such as online registration, track record of attendance.

Improved communication with parents. Working parents don’t need to worry or inquire about their children to teachers. With day care management solutions, the teachers can send easy notifications, messages about their child’s activity throughout the day via text messaging. Parent-child communication is also easy and teachers can inform what is missing in the child’s cubby.

Greater staff coordination. As opposed to paper-based records and reducing the paper work, digital systems are accessible to users through both android and IOS versions. This makes it easier for employees to update anything using day care app.

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