Why Taking An Online Cinematography Course Is An Excellent Idea

Cinematography is termed as the art and science of creating motion pictures, involves choosing the on-screen visual elements for a film, also known as the mise-en-scène. It includes establishing the frame, structure and camera movement for each shot, setting up the lighting, and aligning every element of a scene with the director’s vision.

 In this new era where creative fields are becoming a popular career choice, cinematography has been one of the most preferred ones. With the rise in the production of web series and films, there has been an ever-increasing demand for filmmaking professionals and cinematographers. 

If capturing the right angles, obtaining the best lighting and narrating a story through your camera lens is what you aspire to do, cinematography might be the right choice for you. Multiple institutes offer short term courses, whether online or offline, that will help you become a skilled videographer or a cinematographer and shoot incredible videos. 

If you love films and are intrigued to learn all the methods that go into creating a visual story, you need not necessarily go to a film school or invest in a costly camera. While taking a full-time course does help to pursue a career in filmmaking, if you first wish to explore what cinematography entails, it is better to explore a few cinematography classes online. If you want to learn cinematography as a hobby to create better videos, enrolling for some of the best cinematography courses online can provide top-notch training to learn cinematography online.

Offline courses provide hands-on experience and are a great way of networking your path into the industry. However, one might not take full advantage of this, keeping the pandemic in mind. Most courses are now conducting classes online; hence, the exposure would be restricted. Although, considering an online cinematography course might be the right choice for you, here’s why: 

1) Cost Efficient 

Doing an online course in cinematography will give you the training required to enter the industry of filmmaking, well aware and prepared. Online courses are way cheaper than full-time courses. Online education can cost less due to a variety of reasons. For example, there is no cost for commuting. Assorted costs that are related to transport, such as fuel, parking, car maintenance, and public transportation costs don’t affect the online student.

2) You get a fair idea about Cinematography 

If you are not sure whether you should do cinematography, online courses are a great option to explore because they are short-term and generally cheaper when compared to a full-time course. You can enrol and obtain all the knowledge without feeling a pinch in your pocket. After the course, you can make a clear choice whether you want to dig deeper into the industry and get an advanced degree.

3) Self Paced 

Most online Cinematography courses provide live lectures by professors. The institute often gives you an option to study from recorded lessons or refer to the material whenever you can, which means that you can learn whenever you want, according to your daily schedule. A self-paced module makes it very advantageous for those who are working or have family responsibilities. If you are already working in the industry and want to level up the skills, a college offering a self-paced module will be quite the fit for you. 

4) Get Access to Study Material

Upon enrolling, you get module wise study material. This material can not only be accessed during the course, but also after the course is over for a few years. It is great to have something you can refer back to when you are already working in the field and need some information. One can refer to the study material whenever they want, while at work or when on the go.

5) You can still form your network 

Online cinematography courses often host online webinars where you can interact with industry professionals and forums; where students can learn and interact with each other. Despite learning on the screens, we can still network and make contacts in the industry, which is very important to get a good head start. 

6) Online is the future of education 

Many institutions have already mastered the world of online education; students and educationists have identified it as a more convenient and economic way to educate. Institutes have cut down on a lot of costs like lease, electricity, maintenance, etc. ever since the lockdown, thereby offering affordable course options.

7) Learn from anywhere 

Online education allows learning from absolutely anywhere, whether you are at a home, office or a cafe. One can be on a holiday and not miss out on your course. One can opt for a good institute while being in their hometown, being close to family, and saving money on travel and accommodations. 

What Will You Learn From an Online Course in Cinematography?

The topics that are covered in online cinematography courses are: 

  • The Basics of Cinematography
  • Types of shots
  • Types of frame compositions
  • Rule Of Thirds and its usage
  • Different camera angles
  • Blocking and posing
  • Depicting dialogue between two characters
  • Panning and tilting for 2D animation
  • Different camera movements
  • Importance of parallax
  • Non-Motion Photography
  • Video Fundamentals (SD & HD)
  • Understanding the Components of a Mise-en-scene and their Impact
  • Motion Photography on Film Cameras (16mm/35mm)
  • The Theory of Colour
  • The Study of a Cinematographer
  • Understanding Music Videos
  • Understanding Non-Fiction Films

 What is the Eligibility for the course?

An online certificate course usually requires no prior knowledge of videography. However, a high school degree and knowing the local and English language will be an added advantage. 

Enrolling for courses and degrees to study short online courses in cinematography can open up several career paths. You can enter the industry as an assistant camera operator, assistant editor, cue selector, studio camera operator, etc. Once you have the required skill sets, experience, and vision, the sky’s the limit. Here’s why taking up a course in cinematography is an excellent idea. We wish you good luck in your future endeavours and hope that you make a well aware and informed career decision.

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